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The annual "Best in Broadcasting" awards program allows our broadcasters to strut their stuff with other broadcasters!


Just like that saying: "membership has it's rewards"  Join a tradition that is still trending, join the ISBA! Learn more!


ISBA Programs are designed to bring additional information and community based awareness to Idaho

NCSA Television 3rd Quarter 2018

Welcome to the file download page for the Idaho State Broadcasters Association 2018 NCSA Program.  Below each preview is a link to the file.  Right click on the link and "Save Link As..."

July-Sepetember 2018 3RD QUARTER

Here is the postings for the 2018 3rd Quarter NCSA program.

Please download the NCSA Affidavit for the 3rd Quarter 2018
Here is the Placement Order for 3rd Quarter 2018 
Please note:  These spots are running from the ANG DropBox.  These links will take you directly to a download page on the ANG DropBox area for Idaho.


Army National Guard Something Greater mov :15, :30 Click here to go to download page
  Benefits mov :15, :30 Click here to download ZIP file
  Guard Careers mov :15, :30 Click here to download ZIP file
  Career: STEMS mov :15, :30 Click here to download ZIP file
  Heart Of A Soldier mov :15, :30 Click here to download ZIP file

Other NCSA Client Links

Idaho Department of Labor

Name Size Format File Type Download Link
We Serve "My Office" 77M HD .mp4 Right Click to Download
We Serve "My Office" 42M SD .mp4 Right Click to Save As


Intermountain Gas / Dig Line 811 / Common Ground

Name Size Format File Type Download Link
811-Common Ground 443M HD .MOV Right Click to Download
811-Common Ground 96M SD .MOV Right Click to Download

Please note: The "Common Ground" video's above showing signs of being severly interlaced.  Converting them in a program like Handbrake can de-interlace them but can also lose CC.  


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