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TV: KPVI meteorologist/Multimedia Journalist, F/T

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Posted On:
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Friday, 2nd October 2020
Wednesday, 2nd December 2020
Location: Pocatello-Idaho Falls

Job Description:

Meteorologist/Multimedia Journalist

A great opportunity in one of America’s most beautiful places!

KPVI-TV in Pocatello-Idaho Falls, Idaho seeks a Weather Anchor/Multimedia Journalist. Qualified candidates will have experience producing and presenting weathercasts. Strong reporting, shooting, writing and editing skills are also a must. We’re looking for someone who can create accurate, understandable and energetic weathercasts with a degree in Meteorology.

Weather in the Gem State is never boring, as it can change rapidly. We get our share of severe weather, with heavy winds, lightning, hail, flooding, blizzards and the occasional tornado. You’ll have the tools you need with a Weather Company (IBM/WSI) Max system, with Storm Tracker, Max Studio and lightning data.

You must have passion for news and weather, the ability to work well with others, strong social media skills, and a sense of urgency and immediacy. Candidates will be required to:

  • Deliver on-air forecasts for station newscasts.
  • Produce and prepare weather graphics and information.
  • Provide forecast information and engaging content to digital platforms.
  • Report for station newscasts.
  • Thorough understanding of social media and demonstrated ability to move audience between all platforms.
  • Desire to connect with local communities by meeting with local groups and representing KPVI at important events.
  • Work independently to research and uncover stories as a reporter, deciding when and where to report to work based on a shoot location or other scheduling requirements.
  • Analyze and interpret information to improve the audience’s understanding.
  • Report on multiple stories in a given day, often in multiple newscasts, frequently working solo.
  • Cultivate and maintain news sources throughout the community.
  • Contact, interview and confirm news sources for television reports.
  • Use of enterprise skills to identify news stories for delivery on television and the ability to consistently translate those news stories to social media.
  • Contribute ideas for enterprise stories and new angles on continuing stories.
  • Proven success in delivering breaking news stories to viewers and engaging audiences through the use of all facets of social media.
  • Adept at the use of social media to gather and break stories.
  • Experienced ability to drive the KPVI brand on-air, on-line, and on social media.
  • Field produce and report stories for television.
  • Host other KPVI programs and special activities (on and off-air) in a positive and professional manner.
  • Participate in KPVI promotional, public relations and public affairs campaigns as approved by the KPVI News Director.
  • Write scripts and produce stories of program-length formats, as requested by the KPVI News Director or designee.
  • Direct field operations as requested.
  • Be totally conversant with the newsroom computer systems (old and new) and continually contribute information to its data base.
  • Learn new systems as they are implemented.
  • Provide coaching to other news personnel as requested by the KPVI News Director.
  • Communicate final copy editing concerns to the show executive in charge to be sure copy has the maximum clarity, continuity, correctness.
  • Contribute to idea sessions in the development or improvement of news products.
  • Maintain a professional, working relationship with all KPVI News team members.
  • Be actively involved in selected community organizations that might directly impact the opportunities and problems within the eastern Idaho region.
  • Alert the KPVI News Director to any news coverage that may cause problems for KPVI legally, corporately, or in the community.
  • Attend all department meetings as requested by the KPVI News Director.
  • Complete specific projects as requested by the News Director.
  • Connect with local communities by meeting with local groups and representing KPVI at important events in and around eastern Idaho.
  • Be consistently up-to-date on current news stories, on a local, national, and international level.


Preferred Skills:

The Tetons, Yellowstone National Park and Jackson, Wyoming are just a few hours away and weather here can be very dynamic. As for reporting, we need someone who can enterprise stories, ask questions and produce compelling news packages and live shots.

If you are interested in a great place to work with opportunities and great people, contact us immediately. Please send a link to examples of your weathercasts and reporting, along with a cover letter, resume and references to

Idaho Broadcast Partners is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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