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2015-2016 ISBA Membership Directory

This is a list of current ISBA members for 2015.  This list is in the process of being updated and posted in a more searchable format.  Come back soon!

STATION                      STATION CITY            TYPE                            DIAL LOCATION         FORMAT                 

CLUB--FM Jerome Radio 97.5 FM CHR-Pop
KACH-AM Preston radio 1340 am Adult Contemporary
KADQ FM Idaho Falls Radio 94.3 Mhz Adult contemporary
KAID-TV Boise TV Ch. 4, PBS Public TV
KART-AM Jerome Radio 1400 Khz CBS Sports
KATW-FM Lewiston Radio 101.5 Mhz Adult Contemporary
KAWO FM Boise Radio 104.3 Mhz Oldies/Gold
KAWZ- FM Twin Falls radio 89.9 Christian Talk
KBAR-AM Jerome Radio 1230 Khz News/Talk
KBAX TV Twin Falls TV   Christian
KBFI Sandpoint radio 1450 AM Adult Contemporary
KBFI-AM Bonners Ferry Radio 1450 Khz News/Talk/Sports
KBGN-AM Caldwell Radio 1060 Khz Religion
KBLI - AM Idaho Falls radio 690 AM News Talk
KBOI AM Boise Radio 670 Khz News Talk and Sports
KBRV-AM Soda Springs Radio 800 KHZ Country Classics
KBSU-AM Boise Radio 730 Khz Public Radio
KBSU-FM Boise Radio 90.3 Mhz Public Radio
KBSW-FM Boise Radio 91.7Mhz Public Radio
KBSX-FM Boise Radio 91.5 Mhz Public Radio
KBXL-FM Boise Radio 94.1 Mhz Christian Talk
KBYI-FM Rexburg Radio 100.5 Mhz Classical
KCDT-TV Coeur d'Alene TV Ch. 26, PBS Public TV
KCHQ FM Rexburg radio 102.1 country
KCID-AM Nampa Radio 1490 Khz Oldies
KCIX-FM Boise Radio 105.9 Mhz Hot Adult Contemporary
KCJY  TV Twin Falls TV 55 Christian Channel
KCLK-AM Lewiston radio 1430 Adult Contemporary
KCLK-FM Lewiston radio 94.1 Country
KCTF Twin Falls TV ch 45 Christian Channel
KCVI-FM Blackfoot Radio 101.5 Mhz Active Rock
KCYJ-TV Twin Falls TV ch 38 Christian Channel
KDZY-FM Boise Radio 98.3 FM Christian Talk
KECH-FM Ketchum Radio 95.3 Mhz Classic Rock
KEDJ-FM Twin Falls Radio 103.1 Mhz Active Rock
KEGE-FM Pocatello radio 92.1FM News & Talk
KEIR-AM Idaho Falls radio 1620 Am News Talk
KEZJ-FM Twin Falls Radio 95.7 Mhz Country
KFTZ-FM Idaho Falls radio 103.3 Hot AC
KFXD AM Boise radio 630 AM Sports
KFXP TV Twin Falls TV Ch. 31, Cable 6 NBC
KGEM Nampa Radio 1140 Khz Idaho Oldies
KGTM-FM Idaho Falls Radio 98.1Mhz Alternative Modern Rock
KIBR-FM Sandpoint Radio 102.5 Mhz Country
KICN-AM Blackfoot Radio 1260 Khz  
KICR-FM Sandpoint Radio 102.3 Country
KID AM Idaho Falls Radio 590 Khz News/Talk
KID FM Idaho Falls Radio 96.1 Mhz Country
KIDK TV Idaho Falls TV Ch. 3, CBS, DT36 CBS
KIDO AM Boise Radio 580 Khz News/Talk
KIFI TV Idaho Falls TV Ch. 8, ABC ABC
KIKX-FM Twin Falls Radio 104.7 FM Classic Rock
KIPT-TV Boise TV Ch. 13, PBS Public TV
KIRQ FM Twin Falls Radio 102.1 Mhz Alternative Rock
KISU-TV Boise TV Ch. 10, PBS Public TV
KITT-FM Soda Springs Radio 100.1 Mhz Country
KIVI-TV Nampa TV Channel 6 ABC
KIZN-FM Boise Radio 92.3 Mhz Country
KJOT-FM Boise Radio 105.1 Mhz Classic Rock
KKGL-FM Boise radio 96.9 Classic Rock
KKMV-FM Twin Falls Radio 106.1 Country
KKOO FM Boise Radio 99.5 Mhz Oldies
KLCE-FM Blackfoot Radio 97.3 Mhz Adult Contemporary
KLCE-FM Idaho Falls Radio 97.3 AC
KLER FM Orofino Radio 95.3 Mhz Adult Contemporary
KLER-AM Orofino Radio 1300 Khz Country
KLEW TV Lewiston TV Ch. 3, CBS CBS
KLHS-FM   Radio 89.1 Mhz  
KLIX AM Twin Falls Radio 1310 Khz News/Talk
KLIX FM Twin Falls Radio 96.5 Mhz Oldies/Gold
KLLP-FM Pocatello Radio 98.5 Mhz Adult Contemporary
KlYE Lapwai Radio 88.7  
KMCL-AM Donnelly Radio 1240 Khz Country
KMCL-FM McCall Radio 101.1 Mhz Country
KMGI-FM Pocatello Radio 102.5 Mhz Classic Rock
KMOK-FM Lewiston Radio 106.9 Mhz Modern Country
KMVT TV Twin Falls TV Ch. 11.1 CBS
KNFL-AM Mountain Home Radio 1240 Khz Country
KNIN-TV Nampa TV 9.2 Fox
KOFE St. Maries Radio 1240 Khz Country
KORR-FM Pocatello Radio 104.1Mhz Adult Contemporary
KORT-AM Grangeville Radio 1230 Khz Country
KORT-FM Grangeville Radio 92.7 Mhz Country
KOUU AM Pocatello radio 1290 Country
KOUW-FM Idaho Falls Radio 102.9 Mhz Country
KOZE-AM Lewiston Radio 950 Khz News/Talk
KOZE-FM Lewiston Radio 96.5 Mhz Adult Rock
KPDA Twin Falls Radio 1270 Khz Oldies
KPDA-AM Nampa Radio 99.1Mhz Alternative
KPKY-FM Pocatello Radio 94.9 Mhz Oldies/Gold
KPND-FM Sandpoint Radio 95.3 Mhz AAA
KPVI TV Pocatello TV Ch. 6, NBC NBC
KQBL-FM Nampa radio 96.1FM  
KQEO-FM Idaho Falls Radio 107.1 Mhz Greatest Hits
KQFC-FM Boise Radio 98Mhz Country
KQPI-FM Idaho Falls Radio 99.5 Mhz Country
KQXR-FM Boise Radio 100.3 Mhz Alternative Rock
KQZB-FM Lewiston radio 100.5 Country
KRFA-FM/KNWO-FM Moscow Radio 91.7 Classical
KRLC-AM Lewiston Radio 1350 Khz Classic Country
KRPL-AM Moscow Radio 1400 ESPN
KRTK-AM Pocatello Radio 1490 Khz Oldies& Goodies
KRVB FM Boise radio 94.9 World Class Rock
KRXK-AM Rexburg radio 1230 am ESPN
KSAS-FM Boise Radio 103.5 Mhz CHR
KSAW TV Twin Falls TV Channel 51 ABC
KSEI-AM Pocatello Radio 930 Khz Sports/Talk
KSKI-FM Ketchum radio 103.7 Modern Rock
KSNA-FM Idaho Falls Radio 100.7 Mhz Hot AC
KSNQ-FM (LMA) Twin Falls radio 98.3 Classic Rock
KSPD AM Boise Radio 790 Khz Christian talk radio
KSPT AM Sandpoint Radio 1400 Khz News/Talk/Sports
KSPZ-AM Idaho Falls Radio 980 Khz Sports
KSPZ-FM Idaho Falls Radio 980 MHZ Sports
KSRA AM Salmon Radio 960 Khz Country
KSRA FM Salmon Radio 92.7 Mhz Adult Contemporary
KSVT TV Hailey TV LP - 18, SV Cable 14 Pax/PSN
KSVT-TV Twin Falls TV 11.2 CW
KTFT-TV Twin Falls TV Ch. 7 NBC
KTHI-FM Boise Radio 107.1 Mhz Superhits of 60's & 70's
KTHK-FM Idaho Falls radio 105.5 New Country
KTIK-FM Boise Radio 93.1 Mhz Top 40/ Pop
KTPO-FM Kootenai Radio 106.7 Khz AAA
KTPZ-FM Twin Falls Radio 92.7 Monster Music
KTRP AM Boise Radio 1260 Khz Classic Pop
KTRV-TV Nampa TV Channel 12 Entertainment
KTSY-FM Caldwell Radio 89.5 Mhz Christian
KUID-TV Boise TV Ch. 12, PBS Public tv
KUPI FM Idaho Falls Radio 99.1 Mhz Country
KUPY-FM Idaho Falls Radio 99.9 Mhz Country
KVAB-FM Lewiston radio 102.9 Country
KVSI-AM Montpelier Radio 1450 Khz Adult Standard
KVTY-FM Lewiston Radio 105.1 Mhz AC-Women
KWAL AM Osburn Radio 620 Khz Country
KWEI AM Boise radio 1450 Am Spanish
KWIK-AM Pocatello Radio 1240 Khz News/Talk
KWYD-FM Nampa radio 101.1 fm Top 40
KXLT-FM Boise Radio 107.9 Mhz Adult Contemporary
KXPI TV Idaho Falls TV 24 Fox
KXTA-AM Jerome Radio 970 Khz sports
KXTA-FM Jerome Radio 99.1 Mhz Spanish
KXTF TV Pocatello TV 35 FOX
KYUN FM Twin Falls Radio 106.7 Mhz Country
KYUN-F2 Twin Falls Radio 1270 AM Mexican Regional
KYUN-F3 Twin Falls radio 1270 AM Mexican
KYUU TV Boise TV 35 Retro
KYZK FM Ketchum Radio 107.5 Modern Rock
KYZK-AM Ketchum radio 107.5 Big Band& Smooth Jazz
KZBQ-FM Pocatello Radio 93.7 Mhz Country
KZDX-FM Rupert Radio 92.1 Mhz Easy Listening
KZDX-FM Twin Falls Radio 99.9 Mhz Hot AC
KZFN FM Moscow Radio 106.1 CHR
KZMG-FM Nampa radio 96.1FM Jack Format
LIVI-TV Nampa TV   Untamed Sports
LNIN-TV Nampa TV 9.2 Live Well
MIVI-TV Nampa TV 6.2 Nashville Network
NMVT Twin Falls TV 14.1 Fox
NTRV-TV Nampa TV Channel 12 Independent
OIFI-TV Idaho Falls TV Ch. 8, ABC CW
QIFI-TV Idaho Falls TV Ch. 8, ABC NOW channel


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