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The annual "Best in Broadcasting" awards program allows our broadcasters to strut their stuff with other broadcasters!


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ISBA Programs are designed to bring additional information and community based awareness to Idaho

Congratulations to all 2022 ISBA Award Winners

You did it!  You got the "gang back together again" and had a fun re-connection, August 6th for the 2022 ISBA Awards Reception!


Life-long broadcasters mingled with "rookies" to celebrate some of the most creative people in television, radio and online services.  Nothing serves a community like local broadcasting for news, investigative reporting, breaking news, weather and sports, and the results of the awards received shows just how good Idaho broadcasters are.  All entries were amazing.

Also a big shout out to Lisa Owens, new President of the ISBA for a great evening, and Chris Mathews for being the evenings emcee.  

See the article about this years "Lifetime Acheivement Induction" recognizing the career of Gary Stevens.  Well done!

Click on "Read More" for the list of all winners and more pictures

Read more: Congratulations to all 2022 ISBA Award Winners




Over the years, the ISBA has always taken pride in inducting broadcasters into a very special segment called the Lifetime Achievement Award.  There has been some remarkable Idahoans inducted over the years, and this year is no exception!  Welcome Gary Smith
Gary Smith worked for KIDK’s for 47 years.  He started working as an Engineer and later promoted to the Chief Engineer position. He has guided the station through many challenges, some small and some that have rewritten how the television industry operates. 

Participating in the NCSA Program for Radio and TV

ISBA Non-Commercial Sustaining Announcement Program (NCSA)
The NCSA program is designed to help organizations that operate in the public interest, such as non-profits and state agencies, get their messages heard in an organized manner. Here's how it works:
  • A non-profit or government agency funds the ISBA to distribute their public education message. 
  • The agency provides pre-recorded spots that the ISBA distributes to its member stations. 
  • The agency then receives advertising time donated by ISBA broadcast stations. 
  • Station affidavits confirm when and where the message has aired.

Go to the TELEVISION NCSA Placement and Affidavit documents as well as downloadable media here

Go to the RADIO NCSA Placement and Affidavit documents as well as downloadable media here

More about Getting Your Message Out Through the NCSA Program



The ISBA is currently focusing on it's membership information...and of course, to get more members for the 2022 year.  Why not...it's a cool organization to be a part of and makes you all warm inside to join!

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