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About Your SECC & LECC

The State Emergency Communications Committee currently is comprised of the following members (substitute an @ for the 'at' in email addresses):
•David Turnmire, SECC Chair and broadcast representative
Dave.Turnmire 'at'
•Charles Russell
SECC Vice Chair and cable industry representative

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The above is the generic RMT schedule for Idaho.  Your local LECC chair may have a customized version that clarifies the meaning of "Local Area" in your operational area.  The Inland Northwest operational area follows the Washington RMT Schedule, which is coordinated with Idaho in the months of September and October.
Includes Monitoring Assignments.  Note that this hasn't been formally approved by the FCC yet (submitted June 2022) but their enforcement bureau says it is OK to distribute with this caveat.
Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) by cellular industry organization
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