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CAP Equipment Configuration

IPAWS (FEMA):  As this is a national requirement, all EAS equipment vendors should provide instructions on how to configure their equipment to monitor IPAWS.  We suggest you consult their manual, web site, and/or tech support staff for instructions as each vendor implements CAP differently with sometimes significantly different nomenclature.
MyStateUSA:  All EAS decoders should be configured to use the MyStateUSA CAP server (in addition to IPAWS).  Please read this document regarding how to get a user account for your company.  Once you have the account info, setup your particular decoder as described below.: Click here for pdf
SAGE ENDEC Specific Configuration: Click here for pdf
Gorman-Redlich CAP-DEC1 configuration: Click here for pdf
DASDEC and Monroe One-Net Configuration: Click here for pdf
If you have verified accurate information on other EAS vendor products, please provide them to the SECC Chairman so we can share with other EAS Participants.
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