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ABIP Questions

FCC Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP)

Some typical questions that you may have:

1.     What is thee cost?   Please see the fee schedule in the station agreement form, as each station or group may differ. In most cases it’ll be MUCH, MUCH LESS expensive than a fine from the FCC, and it’ll keep your station off the FCC’s “keep-an-eye-on-this-station list”.

2.     Why should the ISBA provide the ABIP opportunity and benefit for their member and non-member stations?   Because it’s one of the best Insurance plans we can offer the stations in Idaho to help save them money. The inspection program could save stations as much as 10 times or more what the inspection will cost.

3.     What if the station isn’t ready for inspection?   The FCC doesn’t ask if you’re ready, they just show up and inspect. With this ABIP program, each station will be given a 150-day grace-period from the date the Agreement is accepted and signed by the OAB to get ready for and complete the inspection process.

4.     What happens after a station is inspected?   If the station passes the ABIP inspection the station will receive a “Certificate of Full Compliance”. A copy of the notice of compliance is sent to the ISBA, OAB, and the FCC office in Vancouver, WA for the station’s file. If the FCC comes to your station for any routine inspection after you’ve passed the ABIP inspection you simply show them the Certificate of Full Compliance. The FCC will still have the right to look at your station, but does NOT have the right to fine for any violations they may find that were included in the ABIP inspection. Unless there have been “serious charges” levied against your station, the FCC will probably not even look at the station.

5.     What if a station signs up to be inspected, and the FCC shows up to inspect before the ABIP inspection has been completed?   According to the agreement with the FCC, as long as the station has contracted and paid for an ABIP inspection, and you show a copy of that agreement to the FCC agent, the FCC will not inspect.

6.     What happens if my station doesn’t pass the ABIP inspection?   You’ll be notified in writing by the ABIP inspector of what needs to be corrected; you’ll be given the remainder of the 150-day grace-period to make the necessary corrections; if the Inspector deems that a re-inspection is necessary a time/date for a re-inspection will be set (station will be charged a “re-inspect fee”); upon passing the re-inspection the station will be given a Certificate of Full Compliance. If the station does not pass the re-inspection they will “be on their own” and will not be given a Certificate of Full Compliance. Stations that do not pass the re-inspection will have the opportunity to start the process over again.


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